Our Impact: 2018 Annual Report

Explore some of the highlights and what we accomplished with our work in 2018.

When we first began this journey in 2012, we couldn’t have imagined where we would be in five years. We are pleased to report that 2017 and 2018 together marked a significant period of growth and innovation for us.

At CLF, we firmly believe in the power of having local impact, taking care to tailor our approach to address the unique needs of the communities in which we work, but we also work strategically to address issues and challenges at a global level. Over the past two years, we continued to tackle some of our society’s biggest challenges—from providing university scholarships to promising young leaders, to launching a new emergency response philanthropic fund to take on the effects of climate change. With the help of the voices of Rihanna and her fans, we successfully advocated for broader change and deeper investments in education programs around the world.

We invite you to explore more of the highlights from our report, such as:

- How our partnership with the Campaign for Female Education (Camfed) is not only supporting girls in Malawi to go to school, but also helping provide them with employment opportunities once they graduate.

- How we are working to change the way institutions and governments respond to natural disasters, moving from a model that is reactive and short-term to one that focuses on preparedness and resilience.

- How we are not only reconstructing schools in Senegal to provide safer environments for students, but also investing in school gardens to address food insecurity.

- How we were one of the first to respond to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti as well as hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria.

Of course, fulfilling our promise to fund groundbreaking and effective work, year after year, could not be possible without the support from our incredible community. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey.

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