CLF Visits Barbados to Support Ongoing Programs

On a recent trip to Barbados, CLF made contributions to five schools, a non-profit organization and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s pediatric center, donating a total of $120,000 BDS in equipments and micro-grants.

During the second annual Clara Lionel Foundation trip to Rihanna’s hometown of Barbados, Executive Director Justine Lucas and Board of Directors member Monica Fenty donated two neonatal incubators to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) pediatric center, and presented micro grants to five local schools and a non-profit organization, including Rihanna’s alma maters.

The two incubation units presented to QEH, which have been in service since January 2018, will help the pediatric center provide care for infants in need, maintaining and promoting stable environmental conditions in cases for preterm births and ill infants. This marks the second year CLF has contributed equipment to QEH, as last year they donated a Rad 8 Signal Extraction Pulse Oximeter monitor, which is used for monitoring heart rate, pulse and vital signs.

CLF also visited five primary and secondary schools as well as non-profit organization, Operation Triple Threat (OTT) in Barbados, presenting micro-grants of $10,000 USD to each. CLF’s Barbados Micro Grants Program identifies and supports recipients who are funding youth development programs and academic projects, from school parks and science rooms to theater and reading programs. CLF works closely with each grantee to assess needs and appropriate funding accordingly.

CLF is excited by the success of their efforts, tallying a total donation of $120,000 BDS in equipments and micro grants to Barbados’ education and healthcare systems. CLF looks forward to continuing their work with grantees in the years to come.

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